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midnight_rpg's Journal

Hogwarts at Midnight
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The year is 2001. It's been two and a half years since Harry Potter left the halls of Hogwarts. And now, he's returning.

The War Against Voldemort still rages in the Wizarding World. But inside Hogwarts, Headmaster Dumbledore is preparing. He has created a subset to the Order of the Phoenix in order to encourage more people to fight for the cause of Good. The Eagle's Nest, as the group is called, includes members from all over Europe. While they are not privy to the secrets of the Order, they share in all of the success and loss.

Lucius Malfoy was released from Azkaban on a technicality in Harry's seventh year. He is nowsecretly building his own plan to usurp power from the Dark Lord. This has lead to a divide among the Death Eaters - those who remain loyal to Voldemort and those who want another choice.

Hogwarts at Midnight (H@M) is a Harry Potter RPG dedicated to the adults of the Harry Potter world. There are no snivelling brats, awkward teenage hormones, or teen angst in this rpg. Who's breathing a sigh of relief already?

Interested in joining? Head over to midnight_mod for more information!