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RPlog - Sirius Black and Remus Lupin (Finished)

Characters: Remus Lupin and Sirius Black
Setting: Their rooms
Rating: NC17
Summery: The boys try to make wedding plans.

Sirius couldn't decide how he wanted to wait for his fiancé - standing up, sitting down - lying seductively draped across the bed.... Fully clothed or naked....

So many questions, so little time.

He finally settled for draping himself across the bed, a piece of parchment and a quill lying handy on the table nearby, with a bottle of wine and some strawberries for good measure...

Remus made his way to their rooms as he had promised Sirius, he couldn’t help but smile happily at everybody he passed on the way. ’Wedding plans…’ He thought with a silly grin on his face, if one had asked him just a few months ago if he would ever be one to marry he would have answered no. Oh, he and Sirius had talked about it when they were young, but then Azkaban happened and when he finally had his lover back the Veil happened, but now it would really happen and nobody, absolutely nobody would stand in the way.

He reached their rooms and opened the door with a happy, “Sirius?”

Sirius heard the opening of the door, the sound of Remus' voice, which brought a delighted smile to his face. He shifted his position on the bed yet again, putting on his most come hither look. "In here, love," he called out, and waited.

Remus followed the voice of his lover and walked into the bedroom looking down on the beautiful sight of Sirius on the bed. “Hello, love.” He purred as he licked his lips wolfishly.

"Come down here by me," Sirius patted the bed, "and bring that lovely tongue with you."

Remus laughed as he sat down next to his husband to be, “I thought we were going to plan a wedding?”

"We are," Sirius said, feigning innocence. "What did you think I meant?" And he looked at him with his big wide blue eyes.

Remus recognized the feigned innocence easily and grinned, he sat up straight moving away a little from Sirius. “Let’s plan.” He wondered how long it would take for his lover to want to play instead of plan.

Sirius stretched out on the bed, made himself more comfortable. "Where should we start? How about the guest list? I have parchment there," he indicated the bedside table, where the parchment and quill sat.

Remus reached over to get the parchment, quill and ink and smiled, “The guest list sounds like a great start.”

Sirius thought for a moment. "I think I'll invite you. Okay, there's my list," he said, maintaining a straight face. "How's yours coming?"

“Sirius Black…” Remus started trying to keep a straight face too and using his DADA professor’s voice. “That is not a very long list, is it?”

Sirius reconsidered. "Okay, Tonks can come. How does that sound?"

Remus chuckled and wrote down ‘Tonks’ on the parchment, “I think we should invite our best men too?” He looked at his lover, “or do you think we can manage without them?”

"You could be right there," Sirius agreed, "okay, add Harry."

Remus also wrote down ‘Harry’ on the parchment. “How about someone to marry us? Would he or she be invited too?”

Sirius looked at his fiance closely. "Remy, I think you're making fun of me," he said, beginning to pout.

Remus watched his mate pout and leaned close to nip at Sirius’ bottom lip. “I might be.”

Sirius pushed his lips out even more, inviting Remus to nip it again.

Remus licked his lips, “If you keep doing that some beast might come and feast on your bottom lip.”

In reply, Sirius continued to push his lip out, running his tongue over it lightly.

Remus growled playfully before he takes Sirius’ lip into his mouth and bites in it softly.

Sirius trembled in his fiance's arms, encouraging him to bite harder.

Remus released his mate’s lip, “first we make wedding plans then we will play.” He brushed his lips briefly over Sirius’ and then sat back up ready to write. “So, Albus is invited too?”

"Yes, Albus is invited," Sirius said, laying his head in Remus' lap, looking up at him. "Who do you want, love?"

Remus almost said ‘you’ but he knew that they should stay focussed and get at least the guest list done; he brushed one of Sirius’ curls from his forehead. “I think we should invite the Weasleys, don’t you?”

Sirius nodded, his head moving up and done in Remus' lap. "Yes the Weasleys too. Anyone else?"

“Minerva? Fillius?” Remus started listing the other professors, “Maybe we should just invite the entire staff Hogwarts, what do you think?”

"I guess, if they're still around. Don't any of them go home for the summer?" Sirius began to wriggle around in Remus' lap. Then he had a sudden thought. "The entire staff? As in everybody? As in you know who?" He looked up at Remus.

Remus bit his bottom lip as Sirius’ wriggling was starting to distract him from what they were talking about. He looked down into his lover’s blue eyes. “I think we should invite everybody that works at the castle.”

"Everybody but one?" Sirius asked hopefully, reaching behind him with one hand, and stroking the inside of Remus' thigh.

Remus sighed theatrically, “Can’t you two play nice just once?” He asked as he leaned close to lick Sirius’ nose.

"Remy," Sirius whined, "it's our wedding day, why would you want him there? Seriuosly?"

“It isn’t so much about wanting as it is about being polite. We have to fight a war with him, he is on our side.” Remus knew how much Sirius and Severus disliked each other, and dislike was probably putting it mildly.

Sirius sighed, knowing that he would give in to whatever Remus wanted, knowing that he wouldn't do anything that wasn't in their best interest. "Very well, love," he gave in grudgingly. "Invite him too." He turned his head, rubbing it more into Remus' lap.

Remus moaned when Sirius’ head moved around his lap again, “You are distracting me love.”

"I'll behave," Sirius said, gazing up into those beautiful amber eyes. "Is that the guest list then? What else do we need to decide?"

Remus looked down into Sirius’ eyes, “I am sure there are a lot more things we need to decide on, but I can’t seem to remember any of them right now.” He licked his lips as he openly admires his Sirius.

"Come down here with those and show me what you can do with them," Sirius coaxed with, licking his own lips in anticipation.

Remus put away the quill and ink and bended down to kiss his lover gently.

Sirius caught those lovely lips in his own, putting his hands at the back of Remus' head, pushing up into his kiss, deepening it, moaning softly in the back of his throat. All thoughts of the wedding preparations forgotten.

Remus wrapped his arms around Sirius and straightened up pulling his lover with him, never breaking the kiss.

Sirius pressed his body tightly against Remus, whimpering softly in the back of his throat, his eyes signalling to his lover his great desire and need for him.

Remus broke the kiss and gazed into his lover’s eyes. “I love you, Siri, more then life itself.”

"I love you, Remy," Sirius whispered, "I'll never leave you again, never. You mean the world to me, my love."

“And I won’t leave you, or let anybody take you.” Remus promised.

"Make love to me," Sirius whispered needily, "let me feel your body against mine."

Remus kissed Sirius passionately letting his actions talk for him.

Sirius' hand snaked toward his robe pocket, pulling out his wand he muttered the usual spell, breaking the kiss just for that one moment, before returning to Remus' lips.

Remus chuckled into the kiss while he tried to move Sirius onto the bed and onto his back.

Sirius obediently rolled onto his back, never letting go of Remus.

Remus covered Sirius' body with his own, pressing his harness against his lover's.

Sirius arched up to meet Remus, moaning softly, grazing his fingernails down his lover's back, before settling them on his luscious ass.

Remus broke the kiss, "We will have to make wedding plans…" He said not really convincingly.

"We will," Sirius assured him, his fingers moving across that ass, stroking it gently, as he continued to press against Remus' cock. "We will, love, I promise you."

"Maybe I should write a poem for the day." Remus suggested before he leaned in and licked the corner of his lover's mouth.

"That would be lovely," Sirius murmured, "I still have every one you ever wrote me, you know..."

"All of them?" Remus tried not to sound to surprised, "Really?"

"Every single one," Sirius nodded. "I haven't been able to get them, though, they're hidden away at the house."

"I am glad you liked them so much you kept them." Remus blushed slightly, he never thought he was a good poet, but they were words he meant, words of love.

"Of course I did, they came from you," Sirius said softly, "I memorized them all, and thought about them when I was in Azkaban, in the night when the dementors weren't around....."

Remus stroked his lover's hair gently and smiled softly, "I meant every word."

"We can go back there now that it's safe and retrieve them," Sirius suggested.

"Yes we can, you can go everywhere you want to go now." Remus sighed softly, "Anywhere."

"I don't care where I go, as long as you stay with me, my love," Sirius kissed his fiancé tenderly. "You can't even get rid of me at work, now that I am your assistant," he chuckled.

"Getting rid of you wasn't what I had planned for today." Remus said with a little grin as he rubbed his hard cock against Sirius', "did you?"

"Ununh," Sirius purred, "not at all. What did you have planned for today, Professor?"

"I am going to do what you asked of me." Remus nipped at Sirius' bottom lip, "I am going to make love to you."

"That sounds like a very good idea," Sirius said, slipping his hand in between them, taking Remus' cock in it, letting his fingers splay over the swollen head. "I can't think of any better way to spend the day...."

"My first plan was to make wedding arrangements, but this might be more fun." Remus pushed his cock down in Sirius' hand.

"Consider it honeymoon preparations," Sirius gripped that lovely cock more firmly, while the other hand grasped his balls, and caressed them.

"Would that be that Honeymoon I don't have to bring clothes for?" Remus said in a low husky voice.

"Yes, that would be the one. We will need plenty of lube, and lotion, so you don't get chafed when I make love to you twentyfour hours a day," Sirius responded to the timer in his lover's voice, feeling precum seeping already. "And maybe some playtoys?"

"Twenty-four hours a day?" Remus chuckled, "do you really think this old wolf would be able to survive that?"

Sirius laughed lightly. "I haven't forgotten your werewolf stamina, my love. You can put me to shame, and that's saying something." He licked the side of Remus' neck, nipping at it.

Remus laughed as he moved closer to Sirius' ear and purred, "I hope you are ready for my stamina now." He licked his mark on Sirius' neck before he nipped at it.

"Bring it on wolfboy," he challenged him, purring.

Remus moved to fetch the lube from the bedside table. "Wolfboy?" He growled playfully, "maybe I should punish you instead of making love to you?"

"Your punishments generally fall into the realm of making love," Sirius grinned, "so hit me with your best shot.....wolfboy," he added for good measure.

Remus pretended to think about Sirius' words, he didn't move one way or the other then he grinned. "Maybe I should change the way I punish you."

"Ooh, you want to try something new do you?" Sirius said, undaunted.

Remus sat up and pretended to move away, "Yes, something new…"

"Where are you going? Are you going to get something?" Sirius asked curiously, clinging to his lover needily.

"Didn't I say I was punishing you for calling me wolfboy?" Remus really didn't intent to leave or stop their lovemaking, but he did like to tease his mate.

"Remy, you're not leaving, really?" Sirius asked hastily, "I mean... I won't do it again, just come back here, and he clutched at him more tightly.

Remus moved back to cover Sirius' body with his own and growled possessively, "Mine!" He kissed his lover, "does this feel like I am going to leave?" He pressed his hard cock against his mate's.

Sirius relaxed into Remus' touch once more, with a soft sigh. "No, it doesn't," he whispered into Remus' lips. Wrapped his legs about his lover for good measure.

Remus chuckled against his lover's lips.

"I hear you laughing, Remus Lupin," Sirius pretended to glare, "think it's funny to tease an ex-con, do you?" And he attempted to roll his mate over.

Remus pinned Sirius down with the weight of his own body and a little bit of wolf-strength. "You started by teasing the wolf." He growled playfully, "where do you think you are going?"

"Nowhere fast, I think," Sirius grinned. He tried again to roll the wolf over.

Remus made sure that Sirius couldn't roll them over. "That is right, you won't be going anywhere for a while. You will stay here in this bed with me."

Sirius shivered at his words. "Is that so? And what will I be doing in this bed with you?" he asked, giving up in his attempts, and running his bare foot over Remus' ass.

"That is a good start." Remus purred, "but it is just a start, Sirius, I will make you feel so good."

"Show me.........wolfboy," Sirius said impudently.

Remus growled again as he bit down on his mark as 'punishment' for being called wolfboy.

"Oh yes," Sirius moaned, "punish me, show me just like that, Remy....."

Remus growled into his mark on Sirius and rubbed his cock against Sirius' roughly.

"Harder," Sirius urged him, "teach me a good lesson, so I'll make sure to behave better next time..."

Remus released the skin of Sirius' neck. "Behave? Really?"

"I'll do my best," Sirius nodded, "I'll be the best pup you ever saw, Remy......tell me what you want me to do...."

"I want to be inside you." Remus said simply.

"I want that too," Sirius responded, "Front, back, sideways, however you want me, I'll be it......."

Remus kissed Sirius softly, "for now I just want to make love to you, gentle and good."

Sirius returned the kiss. "Yes, please," he whispered, "I need you, Remy, need your love so much.........":

"I love you too." Remus grabbed the lube now and opened it, as he covered his fingers with the oily substance he added. "It is you and it has always been just you."

"You are my one and only," Sirius said softly, "my first and last........"

Remus looked into his lover's eyes and smiled, he lifted Sirius' hips a little bit to get better access to his mate's entrance. He pushed his finger between his lover's arse cheeks and brushed his finger lightly over the entrance.

"Mmmm," Sirius moaned happily.

"Do you want more?" Remus asked in a whisper, just brushing over Sirius' entrance nothing more.

"Yes, please," Sirius begged. "I want your sweet cock....inside of me...."

Remus pushed his finger inside Sirius at those words. "I will be inside you soon, my love, just be patient."

"I will try, Remy," Sirius promised, "you know it doesn't come easily for me......."

"I know love." Remus said as he pushed his finger completely inside his lover's body and wriggled it around to find Sirius' prostate.

Sirius arched his back in pleasure, when Remus found the spot. "It might take a while for me to learn, we'll just have to keep practicing, hmmm?"

"Yes, practice makes perfect." Remus wrapped his hand around Sirius' cock as he kept moving his finger in and out his lover's body.

Sirius pushed against those lovely fingers, squirming at his lover's touch. "We should practice every day," he said.

Remus chuckled, "We practice almost everyday already love."

"Well, then, twice a day," Sirius replied, unfazed.

"Let's save that for the honeymoon, Sirius." Remus kissed his lover as he pushed in a second finger.

"Yes, love," Sirius said obediently, pushing against the second finger.

Remus licked the corner of Sirius' lips brushing his fingers over his lover's prostate.

Sirius whimpered, although that felt good, he wanted more - he always wanted more of his mate, he was very greedy where Remus was concerned, as well as very possessive.

Remus pushed in a third finger, he always tried to prepare his lover well, he loved Sirius to much to want to hurt him on purpose.

Sirius tenderly stroked his lover's cock, as he tried not to be impatient. "Mmmm," he moaned.

When Sirius touched his cock Remus moaned and pushed his fingers in hard, hitting his lover's sweet spot roughly.

"Yes!" Sirius gasped, "yes!" as he arched his back again, tightening his muscles about those lovely fingers.

Remus prepared his lover for a bit longer, "ready for more, love?" He growled.

"Ready for more, yes," Sirius acquiesced, "ready for more of you," he continued to stroke his mate's hard cock as he spoke.

"Then more it is you will get." Remus didn't stop Sirius' touch, sometimes he did when the wolf was in a very dominant mood, but today he had a firm control over the beast inside him and he wanted to make sweet love to his mate.

Sirius fairly purred at his words. Most people would be surprised at the way that Remus dominated him, they were fooled into thinking that Sirius must be the dominant one, but it had never been that way, and he loved the way that Remus took charge, not that he minded the wolf, of course, but he loved Remus more, naturally.

Remus removed his fingers to replace them with his cock, he didn't push in yet. "You want this, don't you?"

"You know I do, and have wanted it for over thirty years," Sirius said, starting to whine again, trying to pull Remus' cock in with his sphincter muscles.

Remus stopped teasing and started to push his hardness inside Sirius.

Sirius locked eyes with his mate, his own blue orbs glowing as Remus began to enter him.

Remus moved slowly, "I love you, Siri." He moaned as he felt the tight muscles of his lover around his cock.

"Love you, Remy," Sirius responded fervently, content to move slowly now, as they invariably began this portion of their lovemaking. Even after thirty years, he always thrilled to the feel of Remus inside of him, as if it were the very first time.

When Remus was completely inside his Sirius he stilled his movement and whispered. "Mine!"

"Yours!" Sirius whispered back contentedly, happy to simply be filled by him, to look at him, and overwhelmed by his great love for him.

Remus captured Sirius' lips with his own as he started to move his hips.

Sirius's lips parted beneath Remus', his warm breath exhaling in a small sigh, and he adjusted his own body to the movement of Remus' hips/

In a gentle but steady rhythm Remus moved in and out of his lover as he deepened the kiss.

Sirius moved his tongue to softly lick at his lover's lips, as if requesting entrance there, his fingers winding in his tawny hair, rubbing his cock up against Remus' stomach as he matched the rhythm which his lover set.

Remus opened his mouth for Sirius as he started to move a little harder.

Sirius entered Remus' mouth with his tongue, eagerly sucking at his lover's tongue, moaning into it as he pushed into him harder.

Remus growled possessively into Sirius' mouth as he held the rhythm he just set trying to hit his lover's prostate with every thrust.

Sirius lost himself in the ecstasy which emanated from his lover's body; he knew he was close, but he wanted to hold on for as long as he could, never let this feeling go. His mate's growl was just an additional turnon for him, and he shuddered deliciously at the feel of it in his mouth.

"Mine!" Remus growled against Sirius' lips.

"Yours!" Sirius responded fervently.

Remus moved nibbled a path from Sirius' lips to his mark on his lover, he licked his mark roughly as he kept moving his hips.

"Gods, Remy, " Sirius moaned, as he continued to rub his hardness between their pistoning bodies, "almost there.... so close..." He didn't want to go yet, not yet...

Remus growled, "then cum for me." He nipped at his mark on Sirius. "Cum, Sirius…"

Sirius moaned, but he couldn't help himself, that voice, that sexy contralto werewolf voice, urging him to do what came naturally, just sent him careening over the edge, and he came, long and hard, all over Remus' belly, crying out in his name in heartfelt tones, "Remyyyyyyyy!"

As Remus heard Sirius call out his name he bit down hard on his mark, thrusting into his lover's body one last time before he came too.

Sirius felt himself being flooded by his lover's ejaculation, and it made him feel so very good, so very fulfilled, feeling the pulsations of his orgasm deep inside his own body. He clutched tightly at his cock with his muscles, as if to milk every drop of him that he could.

Remus worried the skin of Sirius' neck between his teeth; he never broke the skin though. He growled into his mark possessively.

Sirius moved his head to allow his lover better access. "Mine!" he whispered softly.

Remus released his mark and licked is gently. "I love you so much."

Sirius smiled happily into his lover's beautiful eyes. "I love you more," he said softly.

Remus chuckled, "I doubt it." He teased.

"Nope it's true, didn't I love you the moment I saw you?" Sirius deliberately mixed up the story.

"Oh… was that you?" Remus grinned, "I always thought that was me."

"Really? I don't know why you thought that," Sirius smiled impudently, squeezing Remus' firm arse.

"Oh, I don't know…" Remus nipped at Sirius' nose, "It must have been all those cute girls you kissed."

Sirius blushed profusely, and opened and closed his mouth a few times. There wasn't much he could say to that, now was there?

Remus looked at Sirius and then laughed, "but now you are mine."

"I was never anyone else's," Sirius said softly, "I just didn't realize that you were the one as quickly as you did, my love..."

Remus moved of Sirius and rolled onto his trying to roll Sirius with him. "We are together now, forever and ever."

"Forever and ever," Sirius repeated, allowing himself to be rolled. "And we'll be getting married soon, and then the whole world will know that we are together!"

"The whole world will know you are mine." Remus said as he pulled Sirius close, "I love you, Siri."

Sirius nestled closely against his mate. "I love you too, Remy," he said, softly kissing his chest, as he moved his leg in between Remus' and settled down for cuddling.

Remus stroked his lover's hair and sighed contently.

"Remy, we will have a beautiful wedding," Sirius said softly.

"Yes, we will, if we ever get it planned." Remus added with a small yawn.

"Tired, Remy?" Sirius asked solicitously, stifling one of his own.

"Just a little." Remus said honestly, "maybe we can have a nice nap together before we plan our wedding some more."

"Mmmm, sure," Sirius snuggled more closely against him. "We can do that, my love..."

"I love you." Remus said again, he couldn't stop himself saying that over and over.

Sirius purred contentedly. "Love you too, my sweet wolf."

Remus kissed the top of Sirius' head as he snuggled closer to his lover. This was the best way to sleep.

Sirius sighed contentedly, his breathing beginning to even out, as he fell into a light, but peaceful slumber.

Remus listened to Sirius' breathing for a few moments before he fell asleep too.
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