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Sirius Black

Characters: Remus Lupin and Sirius Black
Setting: their rooms
Rating: NC17 for Fluff and Smut and mention of mpreg
Summary: Waking up to Remus in the morning, what could be finer?

It was a beautiful June day, a Saturday - no classes to teach, nothing to do, and all the day to themselves. Sirius woke early, as he invariably did, and simply laid in bed, gazing in rapture at the man he loved, watching Remus sleep, loving the look of peace on his beloved wolf's face. He smiled to himself at the sight.

Remus felt his lover's eyes on him and opened his own, with a lazy smile he said, "see anything you like?"

"Oh yes, indeed I do," Sirius replied languidly, gazing at Remus with his heart in his eyes. "I'll take that tawny haired chap with the amber eyes that is lying next to me I think, stands about six foot four, goes by the name of Remus Lupin."

"I think that can be arranged." Remus said with a wolfish grin, "what did you have in mind for this Mr. Lupin."

"I am going to marry him, and make an honest wolf him," Sirius smiled back, "and then he will be mine forever."

"Really?" Remus said in mock surprise, "Well, if that is the case you better kiss him then."

Sirius gladly complied with that request, leaned over and took those beautiful lips in his, slowly, sweetly, as if there was nothing but time between them.

Remus smiled into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around his lover.

"Good morning, my love," Sirius whispered, "my beautiful, beautiful love....."

"You are the beautiful one, love." Remus said as he always did.

"No, you are my beautiful, sexy, gorgeous wolf, and don't you forget it," Sirius argued, more from habit than anything else. "And today, do you know what we are going to do?"

Remus decided to not play out their argument any further, "No, I don't know, what are we going to do today?"

"We are going to set a date for our wedding," Sirius said firmly.

"Are we now?" Remus said playfully, "is that all we are going to do today?"

"No, that's just the start, once we do that I'm going to shag you silly, maybe have some breakfast, shag you again, a few times, then stop for lunch......a few more times, and then I'll let you rest a bit. How does that sound?" he grinned at his lover.

Remus laughed his warm laugh and then pulled Sirius into another kiss, which would leave no doubt in his lover's mind that the answer was 'yes' to today's plans.

"Mmm, you keep that up maybe we won't get to the rest of it," Sirius teased, but he had no intention of not setting a date right here and now.

Remus released his lover and pouted in a very Sirius-like fashion. "Alright, dates first the rest later."

"Don't pout Remy, I'm going to be firm for once, cause I'm dead serious about this. Now, what day of the week do you prefer?" Sirius' eyes gleamed as he looked at the wolfish pout.

"Okay… I will be a good boy." Remus said as he thought about a day of the week. "I always liked Tuesday myself."

"Then it shall be a Tuesday," Sirius said without hesitation. "What month?"

"August?" Remus suggested, he wanted to have enough time to make the day special but he also didn't want to wait to long.

"August? So long?" Sirius asked, with a dramatic sigh. "Very well, if that's what you want, love, August it is. First Tuesday in August, then?"

"The first Tuesday in August sounds perfect." Remus said, he knew it would only give him about five weeks to prepare, but he knew that Sirius was probably not going to be able to wait much longer.

"All right," Sirius assented, "we can discuss details later, if you like," he lowered his lips to his lover's neck and continued to kiss what he had started earlier, licking at that soft skin, sucking at it hard enough to cause the blood to pool just beneath the surface.

Remus growled passionately, Sirius' actions went straight for his cock.

Sirius reached over Remus, he knew just where he kept his wand, and it was closer than his own at the moment, murmured the appropriate spell to leave them both naked, then set it back down, rubbing his hardness against Remus'.

Remus grinned up at Sirius, "now that I am naked, what did you intend on doing to me?"

"I am going to eat you up, Professor Lupin, and take your stupendous cock into my mouth and devour it, and make love to it, and suck on it until you scream my name while you come in my mouth." he said, continuing to lick at Remus' neck as he spoke.

Remus growled passionately again, "all talk." He said with a grin, knowing that it would get Sirius moving.

"Is that so?" Sirius pulled back his hand, and moving back from Remus, he buried his face in his reddish pubes, taking his balls into his mouth and licking them.

Remus moaned, "Prove it."

Sirius sucked a little more before dropping them and inhaling Remus' hard hard cock instead, completely and absolutely, down to the very root, running his tongue over the thick vein on the bottom, where it was the most sensitive.

The wolf inside Remus howled in pleasure, Remus moaned his lover's name as he tried not to buck up into that talented mouth.

As Sirius licked, his hands squeezed those lovely little balls, rolling them around between his fingers, as he used his mouth to pleasure his lover. He whispered Remus' name into his flesh, knowing very well what effect that would have on him.

A small growl rumbled through Remus' body as he now bucked up into his mate's mouth. "Oh… yes… Sirius…" he moaned.

Sirius sucked harder on that beautiful beautiful piece of flesh, he loved the taste of Remus, he loved being filled with him, whether it was his mouth or his ass - he could never get enough of him, and he continued to speak his name, urging him to come, crooning words of love to him.

Remus tried to keep from coming, which wasn't easy so early in the morning. "Sirius…" He moaned and then added as a warning, "close!"

Sirius tried even harder to bring Remus to his orgasm, he wanted his cum to spill down his throat, he lived for that, so he pressed right between his balls, knowing what effect that would have on his lover.

That was something Remus could not fight, "SIRIUS…" He howled more like the wolf then anything else as he came, shooting his cum inside his lover's mouth.

Sirius began to drink, hungrily, greedily, taking every last drop into his throat, swallowing eagerly everything that his mate had to give, not letting for of his cock for a second.

Remus looked at the sight of his mate between his legs, drinking his cum and he moaned. "Gods… so beautiful"

Sirius reluctantly finished what he was doing, kissed the head of Remus' cock most lovingly before looking up at him, his eyes glowing. "That is what I call a delicious breakfast," he said.

"Kiss me." Was all Remus said, it was more a growl then a sentence.

Sirius climbed up his lover's body, taking his lips in his, the taste of his semen still fresh.

Remus grabbed Sirius' hair and pulled him roughly into the kiss, tasting himself on his lover's lips.

Sirius moaned, loving the feeling of command in his wolf, always aware that he was the alpha, so eager to please him. How good he tasted.

Remus growled into the kiss as he started to roll both of them over, he wanted to be on top.

Sirius let himself be rolled, he didn't know what Remus had in mind, but he certainly didn't argue with him.

"Mine!" Remus said as he licked a trail from Sirius' mouth to his mark on his lover's neck. One of his hands still in his lover's thick black curls while the other was making its way down his mate's body. "All mine!" He growled as he wrapped his hand around Sirius' cock at the same time he bit down on his mark.

Sirius shuddered at the double feeling - the warm hand on his cock, and beautiful mouth biting his neck. "Yes," he moaned, "oh, yes, Remy..."

Remus worried the skin of Sirius' neck between his teeth as he started to move his hand up and down his lover's hardness.

Sirius thrust up into his lover's hand, moaning happily.

Remus growled into his mark and started to pump Sirius' cock harder and faster.

Sirius moaned louder, if Remy kept that up, it wouldn't take long for him to lose his load, and he knew it.

Remus kept growling into Sirius' skin moving his hand up and down his mate's hardon roughly.

"Oh gods, Remy, I'm gonna come," Sirius moaned, "if you keep that up, so good, so very good..."

Remus released his mark on Sirius, "cum for me, Siri." He purred against the red skin before he bit down again with a growl.

Sirius couldn't hold back, he threw back his head and howled aloud, "REMUSSSSSSSS!" as he came hard and fast into his lover's hand, his cum spilling over his fist.

Remus didn't release the skin on his lover's neck yet, he kept milking Sirius' cock through his mate's orgasm.

Sirius relaxed once more, as he came down from his orgasm, trembling from the effect still. He ran his fingers lightly up and down his lover's back. "Love you, Remy," he said softly.

Remus released his mark on Sirius and licked the now flaming red skin. "I love you too, Siri." He said lovingly.

"You want that breakfast now?" he smiled. "Maybe we can get them to bring it up here, if we ask nicely?"

Remus tummy rumbled, "I think I would like some breakfast." He knew his lover could charm anybody into doing anything and he always had a way with House Elves, well, most House Elves that is, Kreacher was an exception to the rule.

"Coming right up," he said with a smile, calling out for whichever house elf was nearest. Instantly one popped up. "Could we please get breakfast up here today?" he asked with a smile. "Maybe some warm cinnamon rolls, if you have them? Some juice? And tea?" The girl giggled and curtseyed, before leaving to do his bidding. "There," Siriius said, "breakfast is on its way."

Remus smiled as he saw how Sirius could even make a House Elf giggle. "You are the best my love."

"Only because I have you," Sirius kissed his fiance warmly.

Remus sighed contently as he pulled Sirius closer to him and into the kiss.

"Maybe after breakfast, we can take this into the bathroom, and into the shower?" Sirius suggested, nuzzling his lover gently.
"Hmmm… that sounds like a good plan." Remus agreed softly .

"You better get a lot of rest between now and August, you know that, don't you?" Sirius said with a smile.

Remus laughed softly, "I think I can handle it."

"Good, cause we're going to go on a honeymoon, and we are going to go somewhere private where you won't be allowed to wear clothes and we will make love all day and all night," Sirius promised his lover.

"Then we better go somewhere warm." Remus grinned at Sirius, "because you know I am a sun loving wolf."

"Somewhere with a private beach, maybe? Someplace tropical?"

Remus thought about it for a moment and nodded. "Yes that would be great, love."

"I'll find the perfect place and surprise you with it," Sirius grinned. "I'll make all the arrangements."

Remus couldn't stop smiling, "I love you Sirius."

"I love you too, Remy," Sirius beamed, "we'll have the best honeymoon ever, we've waited long enough for it."

"We will have a great life together, just you and me forever." Remus sighed as he pulled Sirius close to him, just wanting to feel his lover in his arms. "Forever." He said again.

"Remy, can I ask you something?" Sirius said, tentatively.

"You can ask me anything and everything." Remus said softly as he stroked his lover's hair.

"Have you ever thought about having children?"

That wasn't a question Remus had been expecting and honestly he never thought about having children. "No, I haven't, I only ever loved one person… you."

"I know, love, but have you never wished to have a child of your own?" Sirius got a very thoughtful look on his face. "A baby that would be yours, to love and take care of?"

"I have thought about it, but not often. I love you and I only want to be with you." Remus said, he knew about male-pregnancies but he also knew that it didn't happen often and that a lot could go wrong.

"What if it was with me?" Sirius suggested.

"I would love a child if it was with you." Remus said, he knew that if his lover had something in his mind it wasn't going to leave very soon. "We can look into that after we are married."

"Remy, you know that I would be willing to carry your child," Sirius said.

Remus couldn't have imagined how loved that statement made him feel. "It won't be easy love."

"I know, but I meant what I said, I'd do anything for you," he turned his dark blue eyes on his lover. "Anything."

Remus looked into those blue eyes, the eyes he could drown in and smiled. "I know love, and I would do anything for you."

Sirius returned his smile. "So we'll look into having a baby..."

"Yes, love, we will." Remus promised Sirius softly.

Sirius nestled contentedly against Remus, as they waited for breakfast to come. "Maybe we can find something in Poppy's medical library?" he suggested.

"Maybe we will." Remus said softly as he played with his lover's dark curls.

"I would love to have a baby that looks like you," he mused.

Remus couldn't help it, he chuckled. "Only if he or she has your hair."

"It's a deal," Sirius agreed, "and your intelligence, and warm disposition."

Sirius' words made Remus blush, "Your charm." He said softly.

Sirius raised Remus' hand to his lips, kissed it tenderly. "I think you'd be the perfect father," he sighed.

Remus smiled warmly, "You will be perfect too."

"No, I won't," Sirius said truthfully, "but you'll be there to help me when I make mistakes, and maybe I can manage to grow up before the baby does."

"I don't want you to change Sirius; I never want you to change." Remus said softly, "I love you just the way you are, promise me you won't change?"

"I won't change, if what you want is a middle-aged childish man, with a tendency toward stubbornness," Sirius replied.
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