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Minerva McGonagall

Who: Minerva, Seadhna, Draco and Hermione
Where: Teacher's lounge type area
What: Just general chatter

Minerva sat in a comfortable armchair, her feet propped up on a low table and a cup of tea in her hands. She was glancing between the book and her lap and the other occupant of the room, Professor Vector.

Perched on the couch in the lotus position, Seadhna was working on a chart, applying his ruler, quill and compass at seemly random spots. Sitting on top of his head like it belonged there was a sleeping green striped mouse.

"I see you found your mouse?" Minerva asked, then took a sip of tea. "Where was he hiding?"

"Pomona found him hiding out among the cat nip in her garden," he replied, smiling over his work. "And how are our two apprentices doing among close quarters? I never really have had time to ask Ms. Granger if she turned Mr. Malfoy into a rat yet."

"I think they are getting along quite well and I haven't heard of anyone becoming a rat yet," she laughed. "How is Miss Granger doing at your apprentice?"

"She's doing a brill job at it. I should have gotten myself an apprentice a long time ago," he replied, setting aside his work and summoned a cup of tea. "Two sugars," he said, and two lumps of sugars dropped into the tea. "Of course, I had never thought anyone had enough interest to be one under me since I am crazy and somewhat insane."

Minerva laughed to herself, at least he was honest. "I am sure that Miss Granger doesn't mind."

"Well, she can't say that there's never a dull moment," he replied, smiling at the comment. "So how is Malfoy the younger as an apprentice? He was a smart boy if he would focus."

"He's doing quite well, he has finally found something that he is passionate about, so he is working extra hard on it." she replied. "He's much better than he was as a student, I must say."

Vector nodded. "I must say that seeing him studying at the High Table was a first, let alone looking anything but a pretty boy like in his younger days is most refreshing."

Minerva smiled over her cup. "Yes, it's nice to see the children go up and learn to think for themselves."

Seadhna peered at her, chuckling. "I think I smell a romantic here. . . what has happened that is making you smile in such a manner Minerva me dear?"

She waved her hand in dismissal. "Just the wool gathering of an old woman. I do, however, like to see the young ones fall in love. Though perhaps some of the elders should take their cue and look around them. I'm sure Severus would be a better man if he had the love of a good woman. Though who could put up with the sarcasm?"

Seadhna laughed, giving her a smirk. "Oh I don't know, maybe you could shake his head full of sense. So who is falling in love? Adrian and Mandy are practically married now and everything so they aren't that secret of a romance."

"If the silly look on Malfoy's face says anything than I think he has fallen for the resident know-it-all. I had also heard that young Mr. Weasley had a serious girlfriend, but I've seen him mopping around here for days, so that probably went sour."

Seadhna blinked a couple of times. "I would have never seen that one coming," he said. "Poor Mr. Weasley, sometimes things just don't work out."

"Well it's probably for the better if it didn't work out," she replied, taking another sip of her tea. "What are you working on Seadhna?"

"Oh just a little doodle about how to take over a tropical island and have it connected to my bathroom," he replied, grinning.

"I want to see that if you accomplish it."

He laughed. "So would I."

Hermione smiled at Draco's little ferret head and kissed the top of it. "You're just so cute like this!" She resisted the urge to snuggle him and treat him like she would Crooks. Instead, she opened the door to the teacher's lounge and walked in.

Draco would preen if he could in this form so he just enjoying the ride. He knew McGonagall has said that he could not set out in this form in the halls, but she never said anything about Hermione carrying him about in her pockets. Snuggling more in the comfy warm jumper, he flicked his tail happily at her comment about being cute.

Hermione looked around and noted McGonagall and Vector. "Hello Professor Vector and Professor McGonagall. How are you?" She hopped that Draco took the hint and stayed hidden.

"And speak of the devil," Seadhna said with a smile. "Hello there Ms. Granger. We were just comparing notes about our apprentices."

Draco curled further into her pocket and tried so hard not to fidget. And here he had hoped he could stretch his little legs a bit and let Hermione snuggle him as she liked to do while he was all furry like this.

She fidgeted with her jacket and thought about zipping it up so they couldn't see Draco at all. "I was just stopping by for a cup of tea to go and then I was going out to walk by the lake. Did you get my log of my work, Professor?"

Seadhna's little mouse woke up, nose twitching as it catches the scent of a predator. Seadhna ignored its movements as he nodded. "Yes I did. Excellent work - as usual. So, have I heard right? You have a young man now?"

Hermione blushed and looked at Minerva who decided that now was a good time to look at her book again. "Umm....yes, but I promise that I won't let it affect my work, sir."

Waving a hand, the Arithmacy professor smiled. "Never fear about that. Just as long as you are happy and there is nothing getting in the way of your career is fine with me." He reached up to dislodge the mouse and cup it. "Seriously, what is wrong with you PS2? I'd swear there was a cat in the room or something."

"Maybe he smells Crookshanks on me?" she asked, slowly starting to back out of the room.

Minerva looked up from her book, her gaze going between Vector and Hermione. "Your other little pet isn't out, is he?"

Giving the mouse soothing strokes with his finger, Seadhna looked from one woman to the other, a bit puzzled by the exchange. "Crookshanks? Your cat, right?"

Hermione frowned, not wanting to lie to Minerva, but not wanting to tell on Draco either. "Yes, Crookshanks is my cat..."

He smiled, nodding and cupping his hands over the mouse. "Well, that would explain it. I know my little friend here was making quite a stash of catnip before he got caught, so he must be scared of cats an awful lot."

Minerva sighed and shook her head; she finished her tea and poured more.

"I'll just go then," Hermione said, opening the door and waving to them both.

"Goodbye," he replied, giving a little wave, tucking his mouse into his sleeve.

Hermione closed the door after her and sighed. "We are in such trouble later," she said to the bundle in her jumper as she walked for the outdoors.

Minerva looked over at Seadhna and frowned. "Why do you carry that mouse around?"

Draco peeked out and looked up at her, whiskers twitching in response. He bumped his head against her chin and snuggled comfortably against her. He knew they were but this was still fun.

"Because it can smell out trouble when it's around," he replied, giving her a wink. "Other pet, Minerva?"

She laughed as she headed out the heavy wooden doors and into the fresh air of the early evening. "Charmer," she said, kissing the top of his head.

"She had a naughty ferret that she is supposed to keep in her room," Minerva replied. "However, it seems that she doesn't listen to me anymore."

"I suppose the naughty ferret can be quite a charmer when it comes to breaking the rules," he replied, giving her a sly grin.

Draco wiggled and watched the way the world moved from his positions, all but purring at the attention.
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