Katrina Richter-Travers (mrs_travers) wrote in midnight_rpg,
Katrina Richter-Travers


Katrina had roughly an hour before she had to pick up her son from his school. She was now seated in a cafe, sipping on some tea, while reading Witch Weekly. She could remember a time when she would be reading a great classic novel instead of this flimsy little magazine. But times have changed and so had she. Katrina looked over to the pram and checked on her sleeping daughter. Soon, Mark Anthony would be finished for the year at Hogwarts, and the family would be able to spend several months together. For the brief summer vacation, Katrina would have the life she always wanted.

She looked out the window of the cafe and caught the eye of a passerby. She smiled and hoped that the person would come and join her.
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