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Adrian Pucey

Characters: Mandy Brocklehurst and Adrian Pucey
Setting: Hogsmeade
Rating: PG13
Summary: Mandy and Adrian look for a place to call their own.

Mandy looked around the shop one more time, satisfied that she left it perfectly before she went up the stairs to her room to get changed for her cottage-shopping date with Adrian.

Adrian walked down the main street of Hogsmeade, whistling cheerily, as he went to pick up his fiance. He didn't remember the last time he felt so good. He just set aside the other stuff for now, concentrating on Mandy. He approached the book shop, stepped inside and looked around for her.

When she was changed Mandy quickly brushed her hair, she grabbed her cloak and made her way down the stairs again, she didn't want to keep Adrian waiting. She entered the store and spotted him, "Adrian…" She smiled brightly up at him.

"Mandy," he smiled back, before he took her into his arms and kissed her hello.

Mandy wrapped her arms around Adrian and returned the kiss, still smiling.

For a moment Adrian forgot why he was there, other than to hold his girl in his arms, and he lost himself in her kiss.

Mandy broke the kiss and grinned, "we better get going before we draw a crowd like last time." She blushed at the memory.

"Sure, sweetie, we can do that," Adrian smiled. "Do you know where we're going?"

"I have been looking around a little, I met Daphne the other day and she suggested looking at the cottages because they are nice and comfortable." Mandy started to move out of Adrian's embrace reluctantly.

"Sounds good. Do you think we could... I mean, we might be able to ... you know.... move in... soon?" Adrian tried to not sound too eager, but the idea of being with her was intoxicating, especially waking up together.

Mandy nodded, "I think it would be a great idea to move in as soon as possible."

"You must be a mindreader, that's what I was trying to say," Adrian agreed, "I wasn't sure how you felt about it, though..."

"I am not a mind reader, I just know you and I know what I want too." Mandy smiled up at Adrian, a little bit of her old shyness visible on her face.

"We'll have to get used to each other's habits, I guess. I'm sure living with you will be better than living with Chad. He snored, and he's a horrible housekeeper," Adrian grinned, stroking her hair tenderly.

"I am sure we will get used to living together soon, and I do not snore." Mandy opened the door leading outside into the nice June sun. "I do like to cook and I think I am an okay housekeeper." She grinned up at him, "but you are free to do the cleaning if you prefer."

Adrian laughed. "I'll help, of course, but I'm spoiled myself, having house elves all the time. But I do think I'm trainable, if you want to teach me."

"I am sure I will train you well." Mandy started to walk toward the part of Hogsmeade with a lot of cute little cottages, they all had yards and hopefully there would be a few for sale or for rent.

Adrian walked at her side, taking her hand in his. "Did you have any ideas about what you might be looking for?" he asked.

Mandy squeezed Adrian's hand and moved to walk a little bit closer to him. "I don't really know, I hope we will see it and fall in love with it."

"Love at first sight, like us?" he teased, knowing very well that wasn't the case.

Mandy laughed happily, "That would mean I would have to hex it and give it a purple roof after it tried to kiss me."

"Just think how much started with one little kiss," Adrian mused, "aren't you glad now that I kissed you?"

"I am." Mandy said honestly, "maybe I already was back then, I used to dream about you after I hexed you. I was so confused about that."

"You did?" Adrian asked, "I did too. Dream about you, I mean, not me. I have a confession to make - I kept wanting to talk to you, even though I was afraid you'd hex me again."

"I might have hexed you again; I couldn't understand why I would dream about you. And I was afraid Mother would kill me if she found out." Mandy tried not to sound to bitter as she talked about her mother. "I am just glad we found each other again."

"I am too, sweetheart," he smiled, "it must be fate....":

"It must be." Mandy stopped for a moment and looked at Adrian. "I love you." She said as if it was the first time she had ever told him that.

"I love you, Mandy," he took her into his arms, heedless of the fact that they were in the middle of Hogsmeade, and kissed her warmly.

Mandy melted into the kiss and wrapped her arms around him. She never thought that she would ever be this happy again.

"Just think of all the stories we'll have to tell our kids someday," Adrian whispered into her lips, "about you and me and purple hair...."

Mandy never really thought about having children, but she liked the idea. It sounded good having kids with Adrian. "And about the duel with Boreas."

Adrian nodded. "Definitely. They'll know how much I loved you, that I risked my life for you." He winked at her.

"And then they run off to owl their uncles Boreas and Vincent to ask if it really all happened like Daddy told them." Mandy laughed at the idea of Adrian bragging about the duel to their kids.

"Have you heard from them lately? I hope they're still together, and still happy?"

"I have heard from them a few months ago, they are still very happy, very much together and like me very much disowned." Mandy had sent them an owl to tell them that Adrian had returned.

"I'm glad they're together, I'm sorry about the rest," Adrian said sincerely. "But when you're with the one you love, the rest doesn't really matter, does it?" He gazed lovingly into Mandy's eyes as he spoke.

"When you are with the one you love it doesn't matter." Mandy agreed softly, "maybe we should invite them over when we have our own little home."

"Of course, they are welcome any time," Adrian smiled. "I am grateful to Boreas for being a gentleman, and for being someone you didn't fall in love with, otherwise I'd never have had a chance with you."

"He told me that I have good taste in men." Mandy said with a grin before she kissed Adrian again. "Let's find a home of our own."
Adrian blushed. "Let's do that," he said softly.

Mandy took Adrian's hand and pulled him toward the neighbourhood Daphne had pointed out to her.

Adrian followed the girl of his dreams. It seemed like such a dream to be here with her again, engaged again - and happy again.

"Look at them." Mandy said meaning the cute cottages, yes, probably only a woman would call cottages cute. "Aren't they perfect?"

"Any place is perfect if you're in it," Adrian said honestly.

Mandy blushed as she looked at Adrian, "Did you even look at them?" She asked softly, love for him clearly visible on her face and in her eyes.

"Um... no," he said, "but I know I'll like anything you like..."

"I like purple haired men." Mandy said playfully, "especially if they wear pink robes."

"Well, I don't know about the pink robes, I might have to draw the line somewhere," Adrian laughed, " and I don't think purple is my best look, to be honest."

"Then you better look at the cottages we might find." Mandy pulled him further into the neighbourhood, "before you know it the rooms are Gryffindor red."

"Gryffindor red? I think we can find something a little more subtle than that, don't you think," he began to look about him a little more at that.

"Then you better look at the cottages we might find." Mandy pulled him further into the neighbourhood, "before you know it the rooms are Gryffindor red."

"Gryffindor red? I think we can find something a little more subtle than that, don't you think," he began to look about him a little more at that.

Mandy laughed, "I knew that would get your attention."

Adrian laughed. It felt good to be young and alive and in love on such a beautiful day. "You tell me first if you see something that catches your eye," he said.

"I saw a few I liked, but I don't know if they are for sale or not." Mandy looked around and spotted one she liked, it wasn't too big it was made out of red bricks and had the cutest shape roof. "Like that one."

Adrian saw the for sale sign. "Think we can go in and have a look, or do we have to just look from the outside?" he wondered.

Mandy walked over and read the sign, it didn't say much just 'for sale'. "I don't know, we could just knock on the door and ask." She suggested.

"Sure," Adrian said, suiting his actions to her words. He led her up to the door and knocked boldly.

Mandy was glad that Adrian was there because she really wasn't that bold, she stood nest to him waiting for the door to open.

Just then the door opened, and an elderly witch started to exit the premises. She looked at them in surprise, as if she hadn't heard them. "Hello? Are you selling something? I'm sorry, I don't have time for that today...."

Mandy smiled warmly at the elderly witch, "No, we are not selling anything; we are looking at cottages for sale."

"Ah," the woman nodded, "I have one here, I was just about to close up, but if you'd like to see it...?"

Adrian nodded politely. "Yes, if you don't mind."

"That would be very nice." Mandy added as she took Adrian's hand.

The witch turned around, and beckoned to them to enter. The house is fully furnished, apparently, and in the living room there is a nice sized fireplace.

Mandy looked around happily, she touched the back of one of the chairs and beamed a smile at Adrian.

"This looks very nice," Adrian said, smiling back at her.

"There's more, there's more, come along," the witch turned and walked through a doorway, and disappeared down the hell. Adrian pulled Mandy quickly after her, and they found themselves walking to the bedroom, where a large bed sat, as well as matching dresser and chest of drawers, with a lovely carved mirror.

Mandy couldn't hide the fact that she loved the furniture in the bedroom. With a big smile on her face, like a little child on Christmas morning would have, she looked around. "This is really beautiful. And so much bigger then the outside suggests."

The witch nodded. "It's a very nice cottage, yes, and it just came on the market. You're the first people to look at it." She walked out of the bedroom, and they had to work to keep up, ending up in the kitchen now. There is a nice table, just for two, and pretty wooden cabinets. She stood back to let them take a look around.

Adrian looked at Mandy, for her approval.

Mandy walked around the kitchen, picturing herself cooking for the two of them in it. She turned to look at Adrian, still wearing a big smile. "It is beautiful."

The witch sensed that she had them hooked, but wanted to make sure. "Come this way," she encouraged them, leading them out the back door to the generous yard. The previous owner had installed a little pool there, around which were pretty flowers.

From the road the backyard had not been visible and when they walked into it Mandy had to stop herself from jumping up and down happily. "Isn't it pretty?" She asked Adrian.

"It's very pretty," he agreed. In his head he began to mentally juggle figures. "About the furniture," he asked the witch. "Is somebody going to haul it off before the house is sold?"

"Haul it off? It's for sale, along with the cottage," she said, a tad indignantly.

Mandy had loved the furniture, but she also had noticed that it looked very expensive. She still had some money left from her grandparents' inheritance, but she really wasn't sure if it would be enough.

"Well, I don't know if we really want it or not. How much are you asking for them?" he pretended to be disinterested.

The witch named a figure, and Adrian kept looking critically at the house, as if he wasn't sure. "Seems a little high," he said thoughtfully.

Mandy knew that it would be best to let Adrian handle this; she wasn't really good at bargaining and was afraid if she said something she would mess things up.

The witch seemed vexed at Adrian's seeming indifference. She named a lower figure. "That's a good deal, with the furniture too," she insisted.

"It probably is," Adrian smiled, "we should look at some other houses first, though..." and he turned as if to leave.

Mandy was about to speak up but decided against it, 'Adrian knows what he is doing.' She thought as she turned to follow him.

They had almost gotten to the door leading back into the house, when the witch called after them. "Wait a minute! You seem like a nice young couple, for you and you alone, I'll make this offer, but I can't go any lower." And she named a figure that Adrian thought was certainly more reasonable - he wasn't trying to cheat her, but they did have to watch their funds.

"Okay, I think that's fair," he turned back, "it's a deal." He could already see in Mandy's eyes that she loved the place, it made him happy to get it for her.

Mandy bit her bottom lip to keep from cheering and she also really had to stop the urge to fly into Adrian's arms and kiss him right there in front of the elderly witch.

"Good, good, I'll draw up the paperwork right away," the witch said turning back to the house, grinning, while Adrian took the opportunity to steal a kiss from his betrothed.

Mandy returned the kiss, almost bouncing happily up and down.

"It looks like we have a home,"Adrian smiled. "I didn't expect the furniture to come with it, we got lucky there."

"It is perfect." Mandy said wrapping her arms around Adrian, "like you."

Adrian laughed. "Not perfect, I'm afraid, just me."

"You are perfect to me." Mandy said her eyes full of love, "I love you and I love our home."

"I love you too, and I have to admit the house is very nice. Let's go sign some papers, shall we?" He offered her his arm, as they walked toward the cottage.

Mandy took Adrian's arm and walked with him toward the house, thinking about how great living there was going to be.

The witch was waiting inside. Miraculously she had the papers ready to be signed, and was merely waiting for some money. She looked at them expectantly.

Adrian reached into his pocket, drew out enough galleons for a downpayment. "The rest is at Gringott's," he told her, "it will be transferred to you immediately."

The witch nodded, watching him sign the papers. "Very good," she smiled at them. "Here are the keys. I have to go now, it's been good doing business with you." And she apparated away.

"She really came prepared, didn't she?" Mandy said looking at the signed papers, "It is ours isn't it?"

"It's all ours, can you believe it?" Adrian was surprised at how quickly everything had gone - the right house at the right price first try. "Luck seems to be with us," he said.

Mandy moved around quickly and flung herself at Adrian. "It is ours!"

He lifted her up and twirled her around joyfully. "All ours, baby girl, all ours!" he chuckled happily.

Mandy laughed happily as she held on tightly so she wouldn't fall.

"How soon can you pack?" he asked her, as he set her down on the floor, still holding on to her tightly.

"Right away?" Mandy asked hopefully.

"Then let's do it," Adrian said, "I'll help, of course."

Mandy was so happy that without a warning she kissed Adrian warmly.

Adrian responded to the kiss automatically, pulling her close to him instinctively.
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