Severus Snape (malveillant) wrote in midnight_rpg,
Severus Snape

locked to sybill

Severus was seated in his office. As he marked the last essays of the year with bright red ink, he sighed softly, thinking of his failure to teach the students anything about composing a legible and factually correct essay. He tossed the current essay to the side, and began to organise his desk, preparing to rest for the night. Though Severus never liked wand waving much, he was inclined to use his wand to do the more tedious of tasks, such as putting papers away or levitating broken quills to the trash bin. He flicked his wand toward the numerous candles in the room and flickered the lights away, save for the one on his desk.

Severus was ready to depart from the side door, when he heard a noise coming from other door. He paused in mid-step and narrowed his eyes. He usually didn't have visitors this late at night.

"Who's there?" he barked.
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