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Finished RP log - Draco and Hermione

Who: Draco and Hermione
Where: Library and their rooms
What: This chat takes place after Draco gets back from talking to Daphne

Hermione sat in the library in one of the few armchairs in the back of the library looking over her notes from the books she has borrowed from Vector and Draco.

Draco was not in a good mood and he looked it. He scowled as he walked into the library, his robes billowing about him in an uncanny resemblance to Snape's as he strode down the stacks of books. Finding Hermione in the back, he threw himself into a chair next to her and said, "I will hex off the Weasel’s nose."

Hermione gave him a sidelong glance as he flung himself into his seat. "What did Ron do now?" she asked, believing it to be some sort of a schoolyard fight.

Draco took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, still scowling. "I've spent the last hour in the presence of Daphne trying to comfort her over a fight and breakup between her and that redheaded git."

Hermione narrowed her eyes as she turned in her seat to look at him. "I sincerely doubt that it is his fault, Draco. He was in here yesterday telling me how happy she has made him." She wanted to add that Daphne was probably a tart because she had heard rumors of the girl dating Zabini before Ron.

"She was telling me that he started yelling at her because she would not tell him every single thing that she was doing," Draco replied, narrowing his eyes.

Hermione rolled her eyes and started packing her things in her bag. "I refuse to fight with you over this," she said standing up. "When you decide to act civil again, you know where I will be." She picked up her bag and started to make her way towards the entrance to the library.

"Hermione, wait. I am mad, okay? I spent time in a room with an unhappy lady who was crying over their fight."

She turned on her heel and looked at him. "You can be mad all that you want, but it takes two people to make a relationship work, Malfoy. I don't appreciate you taking things out on me, and I don't appreciate you insulting my friends. As I said before, when you want to act civil, and discuss things without calling anyone names then you know where to find me."

"I am not taking anything out on you," he hissed, standing up. "What makes you think that I am taking it out on you?"

"Your tone, your body posture, and the narrowed eyes along with calling Ron Weasel...which you said you would not do anymore...Did you think I would welcome you with open arms when the first thing out of your mouth was to attack Ron?" She took a few calming breaths before she too became upset. "I'm sorry that you're upset, but I'm not listening to you until you realize I'm not the enemy."

He blinked at her, mentally going back over his words and actions then bit his lower lip, looking down at the ground. "I'm sorry. No, you aren't the enemy. I never think."

She sighed and took his hand. "Let's go back to our rooms and talk about this...okay?"

He nodded, lacing his fingers with hers. "That sounds fine."

She led him out of the library and back to the room, staying silent until they had shut the door behind them. "Now...tell me what happened..."

He nodded and looked down at their hands. "I had gone to Honeyduke's to restock my Ice Mice when I saw here piling candy into a basket. I asked her if she was going to have some fun with W- Ron and chocolate and she got upset and said that they broke up. I asked her what had happened and she said that she's been distant because of family problems and that Ron was pressing her to tell him everything about it. She said she told him it was something personal and he started yelling at her and they were both yelling and slamming doors. Then she just started crying and she just wouldn't stop. Make up smeared all over, deep hurting kind of crying too and not that artsy stuff women can do to make people sorry for them."

She sighed as she put her bag on her desk and took a seat on the couch. "They are both too stubborn for their own good I guess."

He shrugged. "But, what was so wrong with her keeping quiet about her family problems? She would have told him once she got it all sorted out."

"Ron is just like that, he cares about her and wants to help her anyway that he can. It's there problem, why are you worried about it?"

"It would irritate me especially since he is so pro-Dumbledore and her family is more pro-pureblood rights. Besides, we aren't raised like he was so instead of yelling about it, maybe he should have asked someone else or even just back off and wait until she was ready to tell him."

She closed her eyes and counted to ten and then back again, taking a deep breath. "Essentially you are mad because you dislike Ron and whatever he does is wrong, correct?”

"Incorrect. Yes, I don't like Ron, but it has nothing to do with his family or bloodline," Draco replied taking a seat in the armchair. "He bothers me like a too friendly dog would - if that makes any sense. I am upset because they argued and I spent a long time listening to Daphne cry about how she doesn't know why anyone likes her."

"No one forced you too, Draco. You could have gotten her a draught of peace and just let her rest."

He rubbed his face with his hands. "I wasn't thinking, alright? From the way it sounded, she was just hurting about it."

"Why are you so angry over this?" she asked as she kicked her shoes off and pulled her feet up on the couch.

"He seems to upset people I care for a lot," he replied, looking at the fireplace. "He had you upset, and now Daphne is upset. . ."

"Ron has me upset more often than not, Draco. That is just the nature of our relationship. You can't get upset every time I get mad at him."

"I'm sorry. I don't think I could ever like him. Tolerate I guess would be the best I could ever do." He took a deep breath and shook his head.

"You rarely have to see him...and since when are you and Daphne that chummy?" she asked, turning her attention to him.

He shrugged, shifting so his legs were draped over the arm of the chair. "We've talked off and on in school although I never been chummy with very many people. She's a friend but that doesn't mean much since I could also count about half of Slytherin back then as friends even though I've only talked to them a few times."

She sighed as she leaned her head on the back of the couch. "So why do you really hate Ron? Is it because you father hates his whole family?"

Draco snorted, covering his eyes with his left forearm and letting his head rest on the other arm of the chair. "Hardly likely. He just rubs me wrong. It has nothing to do with his family or his money or his whatever else there is. He just irritates, like an insect does."

"We're not going to agree on Ron...so maybe we shouldn't talk about him."

"Tell me something about him that you like," Draco said, raising his head to look at her.

"He's a loyal friend. He's protective of Harry and me and most of the time we get along well, though there have been times when we fought and didn't talk for weeks on end. You both have something in common besides me, you both like Crookshanks about the same," she said, moving to spread out on the couch

"I do get along with your cat, you do know that," Draco replied. "Alright, maybe he's too noble. I do like people who can twist things about..."

"Yes, you get along with him, but you don't care for him much," she said, turning her head to look at the ceiling. "What do you mean twist things about?"

"Bend the rules, and see things from a less than noble viewpoint. I can get along better with P -Harry than I can with Ron."

"That's because Harry is more than a bit more mature than Ron is. Harry has always had to be a grown up, and Ron has always been babied by Molly. Harry didn't have a family to care about him, so he's had to be his own parent for a long time." She sighed softly as she turned to look at Draco. "Does that make sense?"

He looked at her again, slowly smirking. "So, the reason why he irritates me is because he is still a baby and Harry is more at the same maturity level I'm at?"

"That is not how I said that and you know it. Prat." She laughed at his conclusions, thinking that he was close to the mark, but she would never say that about Ron.

He grinned and covered his eyes again. "True, but it makes sense to me."

She sighed at him, and would have rolled her eyes, but he wasn't looking at her. "Maybe you and Ron don't get along because you are at the same maturity level..."

Draco sat up and looked at her, sticking his tongue out. "Am not!"

"Check and mate," she said with a laugh.

Draco raised an eyebrow. "You play wizard chess?"

"I can. Ron is the best at it though. The point is, I win. You are a spoilt little prat."

Draco's lips twisted into a smirk. "And you knew this when we first decided to date. It still doesn't mean that I am less mature than he is."

"I said you were equal, Draco. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt." She grinned at him.

He pouted at her. "You really think so?"

"Honestly?" she asked, though she would never tell him what she really thought,

"As close as you can get," he replied, the corner of his mouth quirking up.

"Some times you are more mature than he is and sometimes you are not. You are certainly more open minded than he is." she said getting as close to the truth as possible

"I guess all that traveling did do some good," He replied. "I tried to get Daphne to travel, get away from her family and their expectations."

"Why wouldn't she?"

"Because she is still under her family's thumbs." Draco sighed and stood up walking over to the couch. "I wish that more people can see that they can love their parents without having to copy them."

"Muggles don't have the same problems that wizards and witches seem too. It's interesting. I had no intent of ever becoming a Dentist even before I found out I was a witch." She sat up and moved her feet so Draco could set down if he wanted to.

"It happens more often in most pureblood families," he said, taking a seat then reaching over to settle her feet on his lap. "We are rather traditional that way more so than other families. You know, I could start a massage with your feet."

"Are you trying to get on my good side again?" she asked

Draco laughed, taking her right foot in his hand and began to massage it. "Am I that transparent?"

"To me you are...some times." She sighed happily as he started rubbing her feet. "I've decided that I don't like it when we disagree, but I suppose there is nothing we can do about that."

He worked at each toe, rubbing and working her right foot between his hands. "Ah, that is true, I suppose after all this time there are some things you can gather from just my posture alone. I don't like disagreeing with you but if we thought the same all the time, we would probably grow bored with each other."

"We can fight about a lot of things, but I would rather not fight about our friends or our family."

"I can agree about that," Draco replied, putting her right foot down and starting to massage her left foot.

She sighed as he rubbed her feet and relaxed into the couch, getting comfortable. "I know that we will though... Would you like to meet my parents this summer?"

Draco nibbled on his lower lip, concentrating on her foot before nodding. "I would like to meet them. You've met mine although mother is a lot nicer than father."

"I'd prefer not to meet your father again, at least not right now," she laughed. "I don't think he would be glad to know that we are together."

He laughed too, his hands going up to work on her calf muscles. "My father would either keel over dead from shock or start foaming at the mouth. Either way he'd be speechless long enough for us to get away."

"Your father is rather quick on the drawl at least that is what I remember."

"Yes he is. He showed me some techniques to be quick with a wand."

She laughed, wiggling her toes at him. "It sounds like the bad westerns that my father used to watch."

Draco smirked and worked his hands up her leg and down again before switching legs. "Bad westerns? You mean like John Wayne?"

"No, worse than that...westerns that were made in Italy...they call them spaghetti westerns. I grew up having to watch those when ever they came on." She laughed, remembering that, those movies had driven her to spend a lot of time reading as a young child. "How do you know who John Wayne is?"

"One of those bad American wizards that got me drunk introduced me to his movies. I remember laughing at them and asking if he was a comedian since no one should walk like that in real life." Draco grinned and gave her knee a kiss. "I earned an introduction with the keg for that remark."

She smiled at him blew him a kiss. "Was that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"After that point the night got really blurry," he replied, licking the inside of her knee.

She gasped when he licked her knee. "Draco...you aren't in that good of graces yet, despite what you think."

Draco pouted at her again. "More massaging or shall I just read you something?"

"What do you want to read to me?" she asked, ignoring his pout.

"One of my Most Honorable Grandmother's letters?"

"As long as it's interesting, I would love to hear it."

"She can be a very interesting lady," he said and accio'd a scroll to his hand. "She writes like a High Lady and her Mandarin is very precise."

"Does she write you often?" she asked sitting up and pulling her legs close.

He nodded, rolling out the silk scroll, the green ribbons with their beads smacking the back of his hand. "About once every other week. We have an owl just for our messages alone."

"I'm sure that it takes forever to go there...okay, read to me."

He squinted at the writing then accio'd his reading glasses then started reading. "My youngest son, words cannot express how happy I am to hear that you are not following your elder's path to destruction. This one has hoped that he would give up on that donkey's rear and the twisted manure he is spilling forth. The Family has always followed their own path and yet he has disgraced that honor to take up the cause of that sow's ear. This one is hurt beyond disgrace and if it were not for those who surround me, I shall find the nearest tree.
"Politics aside, this one is grateful for your latest findings. They gladden my heart and make my spirit soar that your teacher is a wise woman who understands the joy of Transfiguration' - and it goes on about my notes concerning what I've found in some books until it comes to - 'This one is extending her hand in friendship to your new companion in the hopes that she will accept my hand. For too long the Family has been forgetting that our blood is the same despite what fashion calls for. This one also hopes that if it is possible, you my youngest son and her would come visit this lonely woman abandoned by all in her lonely palace during the summer months. I have many stories to tell her that would amuse her to no end.
"I bow to you,
Pericous Jade."

"Does she mean what I think she means?" she asked after listening to the letter.

Draco rolled up the scroll and tied it closed. "Basically she wants to meet you and see what has me fascinated and she does not like Voldemort at all."

"You're fascinated with me?" She laughed. "I would love to meet her if she wouldn't be offended by me."

"I highly doubt it. Like I said, she is inviting you to come for a visit and get to know you."

"Do you want me to go meet her?"

"I think it would be a nice place to go to for both of us," he said stretching out. "Then we can relax for a while and forget all this arguing crap."

"What arguing are you talking about?"

Draco shrugged. "Our friends and their problems."

She moved so she could lean on him. "I told you that I don't want to fight."

Draco draped his arm over her shoulder, turning to kiss her on the forehead. "I am not fighting. I was just thinking how nice it would be to get away from everything and just be Draco and Hermione."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea to me. I'll talk to Professor Vector later and see if he will let me have some time away this summer, okay?"

He nodded. "I'll have to talk to McGonagall but I think she would okay it. After all, I can also get some more of those research notes for my project."

"She's not still upset with you, is she?" she asked, leaning up to kiss his cheek.

"I haven't talked to her lately, but she hasn't sent me any owls nor put my name in the registration list yet," he replied, snuggling closer.

"I suppose then she's not mad at you anymore." She nuzzled his neck and hugged him tight.

He nodded and looked down at her, smiling softly. "I think she has a pretty good idea about our relationship."

"Minerva does? What did she say? She doesn't think that we're sleeping together does she?" She started to panic worried that they would get kicked out or worse.

He kissed her on the nose. "Relax, Mya. She just gets this soft faraway look in her eyes and smiles when ever I mention how well we are getting along."

She groaned and buried her face against his chest. "Great."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing...I just don't want people to talk about us... and what if they make us move rooms?"

"I don't think she would. And I highly doubt she will tell anyone but Dumbledore and you know he'll just get twinkling eyes and say how it's good for the school and leave it at that."

She sighed again and lifted her head to kiss him. "I guess you're right. I just don't want people to think we are sleeping together. Even if we are..."

He kissed her back. "I know. I don't want them prying into our private lives at all. It's none of their business."

"The boys are mad because I don't tell them anything about you and I, but I like keeping it that way."

Draco nodded and wrapped his arms around her. "I don't see why they need to know every little detail anyways. The same goes for my friends. They don't need to know everything."

"I think with the differences we have had over time, that we need to keep things to ourselves...well at least that is my opinion."

"This is true. We had a lot to work out that would not happen if we were pestered a lot."

"Mmhmm, so what are we going to do tonight?" she asked, stretching out against him.

"That offer to give you a massage still stands," he said, nuzzling her neck.

"And what will happen if I take you up on that offer?"

"Whatever you want to happen outside of me massaging your back."

"Are we ever going to spend the night at your town home again? That was an interesting evening."

He smiled and ran his hands down her back. "Definitely. How does this weekend sound?"

She smiled at him and kissed him again. "If no one will miss us then I think that would be wonderful."

Draco nodded, leaning down to kiss her some more. "So do I. Want to go to your room or mine?"

"Your room, I left all a bunch of books I was looking through all over my bed."

He laughed. "I left my books in a pile on top of my green silk. So I suppose it will be for the best."

"Trying to keep the cat off of your things?"

He shook his head. "Oh no, I was just cleaning off my desk. Besides, he made up for not getting at the green silk by tugging down my leather jacket and slept on that."

She laughed as she imagined that. "Sorry. He's not used to sharing."

"I should give in to Most Honorable Grandmother's request to adopt a couple of her poor kitties."

"This place would really be a zoo then." She laughed again as she sat up/

He grinned at her. "But think of how he could be their mentor, teaching all sorts of things like bothering other people.”

"Oh that would be awful. Then we would have a glut of evil cats."

"Crook isn't that evil, just wants to be king of the mountain," Draco replied, moving to get up. "Let's find some oil and my bed."

Hermione got off the couch and picked up her shoes. "I can clean my bed off if you want me too."

"No, it's fine." He stood up and held out his hand to her.

She put her shoes under the couch so she could find them later and took his hand.

He brought it up to his lips and kissed the back of her hand before leading the way to his bedroom.
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